Friday, April 30, 2010

Forty days until the Biggest Sporting Event in the World

There are only 4o days until the biggest sporting event in the world, for soccer fans in the U.S. is fantastic as is only time that our national media will have thier eyes aimed at the sport the love. Still is a little frustrating to see that even the network that will cover will cover the event A.KA. ESPN does not have coverage it should with just over a month left for the event. Thank God we have the internet to satisfy our daily cravings for soccer news. The USMNT has had an eventfull week, as the sky is starting to clear in the injury front with the reports that Charlie Davies and Oguchi Onyewu have resume full contact training with their squads. Both Charlie and Gooch are active twitters and posted the following:

"I've resumed full training with my club!! It's about time & it feels great! My speed is getting there too! Today was a good day! God Bless" Charlie Davies

"The kid is back!!!! Normal training from here on out, no restrictions.... Bless!!! God is Great!!!" Oguchi Onyewu

Also, the new home kit was unvieled yesterday, and have to say I like much more that the away kit. Here is a picture Landon posted on his facebook account. Home Kit

Well that is all for today... as my favorite soccer play-by-play guy would say, "Don't be afraid to be happy"
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