Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MLS Miami Campaign brewing

Finally the fans have taken matters into their own hands and are launching a campaign to help bring MLS to South Florida.

For more just visit this website or follow them on twitter

I am getting right behind this effort.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I found this fascinating quote today in MLS Rumors, I can not stop thinking that if we had an MLS team Diego would love to be in a place like Miami:

* “The MLS has some good players and a league that is growing”

Brazilian midfielder for Juventus, Diego Ribas da Cunha, opened the possibility of emigrating to the MLS in the United States as the country enjoys a league that is growing slowly.

After the “Vecchia Signora” has had a poor season in the Italian league, where they ran out of the championship, as well as not qualified for the Champions League, the midfielder showed his liking American football.

“It could be a solution for my career. I love America and they are very well in organization. The MLS has some good players and is a league that is growing,” said the Brazilian midfielder, who did not make Brazils 2010 World Cup squad.

Also the former Santos player from Brazil, said that his goal is to continue improving in his career and that the MLS is a good option to meet that goal.

‘Whenever the desire for further improvement is possible Playing in America is a possibility, “said the Brazilian player to the website Goal.

He just needs to wait to finish this season in Serie A, next weekend, as well as await offers from MLS teams to define the future of Diego Ribas, who could reach the United States as a designated player. Then there is the bad step at Juventus, where he left much to be desired, but is also the possibility to continue the “Vecchia Signora”., Major League Soccer (MLS) Rumors – For the time between the games » Blog Archive » INCOMING: Juventus Brazilian Midfielder Diego Interested in Coming to MLS, May 2010

You should read the whole article.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Miami Soccer Community is sophisticated

Miami soccer community might be a little too sophisticated for Miami FC and NASL, after all Miami-Ft. Lauderdale is probably the top rated TV soccer market in the nation, if we look at the Confederations Cup ratings, were Miami Metro was #1. Also, in the last Gold Cup a game between Jamaica and El Salvador drew more than 17,000 fans, and Miami is currently sitting 3 with 18,277 supporters behind the 2018 World Cup bid, only Seattle and Philadelphia are ahead, Indianapolis which is 4th has 14,892 supporters registered.

This clearly shows that Miami is a top soccer market, the problem might be that these fans are too sophisticated to appreciate 2nd division soccer, this is shown by consistent attendances below 2000 at Miami FC games, even in the so maligned Fusion years attendance in the last year at Lockhart was more than 11,000, and this was pre-Beckham hype.

What surprises me the most is that the owners of Miami FC (a soccer company) do not seem to realize this, and instead of aiming to playing 1st division they have chosen to create a new 2nd division league. Under the current league even if they increase attendance by 10 times (say 10,000) this team will not be able to make it mainstream, as no big time player a la Henry, Beckham, Ljumberg will leave Europe to play on a 2nd division team in the U.S.A. With the possibility of bringing up to 3 Designated Players an MLS franchise can bring the level of quality and sophistication the Miami soccer fan needs to be turned on. This city can potentially be a soccer mecca in the U.S. but it needs investors/owners that understand what this city wants.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It could have been us!

In the eve of the possible announcement that the Canadian city of Montreal is going to be awarded an MLS franchise, I can not help to think what would have happened if our city had an team owner who wanted to play at the top league in North America. We have seen team after team make the move for MLS from USL (now NALS). First it was Seattle, despite of playing in USL their ownership recognized that a move to MLS would enhance the profile of soccer in the city, and look what they have become. Then, it was Portland and Vancouver, they also reconized that their fans wanted MLS and they went for it. Now is Montreal. I am not putting down any of the merits of these cities, they all deserve to be playing at the highest level of soccer in North America, but I can't help wonder what do these cities have that Miami does not have. I know some of you are going to say passionate fans. None of these teams were breaking attendance records while at USL, the hardcore fans were always there, and they probably grew bigger and stronger because they saw that their ownerships were aiming towards MLS.

We have passionate fans here too. We have the Miami Ultras, who have shown they will follow Miami FC in Miami and Broward, also the Fusion were averaging more than 11,000 in the year the got contracted. USMNT-Brazil ratings in Confederations cup were higher in Miami-Fort Lauderdale than any other media market in the country, including NY, Seattle etc. Even, West Palm beach did great and was rank 4 overall. I mean, the fans are here but we need to turn them on, and the first step is to at least play in the biggest stage, which for this country is MLS.

The ironic thing about this is the our team owner is a soccer company, so you would think they would want their team to play at the highest level, or else why be in this market. Yet they are probably the only ownership, in USL/NASL that has not publicly stated that want to make the jump. I can only wonder what would have happened if they had picked-up the pieces of the failed Barcelona bid, and continue working just like Montreal did, and my feeling is that we would probably be making our announcement too. Think about it, we have a brand new (perfect size) stadium in FIU (they are salivating to be in MLS), we have a professional team playing in the area run by a soccer company which organizes events as big a Copa America, Copa Sudamericana. They can organize friendlies to raise awarness for the bid, they can start building a team brand, and build momentum, but they only detail is that they do not want to join MLS, beacuse if they did, in my opinion we would be hearing lots of chatter from our ownership.

Since our ownership will not do it, help me raise awarness or our desire for MLS by signing up for MLS Miami season ticket dedications and mention it to your friends.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Blues tie again...more on the USMNT

The Miami FC played to a 1-1 tie with Tampa Bay this saturday, while ties are not such a bad thing, if the Blues are to be contenders this year, they need to take care of business in the home pitch. Captain Zach Kirby was sidelined with a muscle injury, I had the chance to ask him how he felt and he was cautiously optimistic about playing next week agaist Carolina. Le'ts wish our captain a fast and full recovery. There is an article in the Miami FC Website with all the details of the game.

Clint Dempsey scored this weekend against West Ham, in the same game Jonathan Spector made another costly mistake that ended up in a goal. Foward Charlie Davies is still campaigning for a spot in the USMNT sending positive twitter updates about his fitness, but he may have a chance to prove it on the field as FC Sochaux will face Montpellier HSC May 5, and FC Girondins de Bordeaux May 8, and will end the season at home vs AJ Auxerre May 15. We will be watching.

Blogger website Project 2010 has a great post breaking down the possible selection for the 30 man roster.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soccer Saturday

Game day is here, and there are a bunch of games we need to pay attention, but at least here locally in South Florida there is a particular interesting game as the Miami FC takes on Tampa Bay tonight at 7:30 pm at the historical Lockhart Stadium. The game will be preceded by what it seems to be the tailgate of the century as team sporsors will be providing among other things free beer, vodka, and cigars (to those of legal age enjoy the of course). The festivities will start at 5:00 pm making sure the Miami Ultras will be ready for the game, and if you know one thing about this guys, is that they can party.

In the field the game should be very intense as, I expect Miami FC to go for the win to give the home crowd the satisfaction of beating the their hated rivals. If you live in South Florida you should make it to Lockhart, but if you can't here are some other interesting TV options:

D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls - 4pm - Telefutura
Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Philadelphia Union - 10:30pm - Direct Kick
Houston Dynamo vs. Kansas City Wizards - 8:30pm - FSC/FSE
Villarreal vs. Barcelona - 4pm - GolTV

Friday, April 30, 2010

Forty days until the Biggest Sporting Event in the World

There are only 4o days until the biggest sporting event in the world, for soccer fans in the U.S. is fantastic as is only time that our national media will have thier eyes aimed at the sport the love. Still is a little frustrating to see that even the network that will cover will cover the event A.KA. ESPN does not have coverage it should with just over a month left for the event. Thank God we have the internet to satisfy our daily cravings for soccer news. The USMNT has had an eventfull week, as the sky is starting to clear in the injury front with the reports that Charlie Davies and Oguchi Onyewu have resume full contact training with their squads. Both Charlie and Gooch are active twitters and posted the following:

"I've resumed full training with my club!! It's about time & it feels great! My speed is getting there too! Today was a good day! God Bless" Charlie Davies

"The kid is back!!!! Normal training from here on out, no restrictions.... Bless!!! God is Great!!!" Oguchi Onyewu

Also, the new home kit was unvieled yesterday, and have to say I like much more that the away kit. Here is a picture Landon posted on his facebook account. Home Kit

Well that is all for today... as my favorite soccer play-by-play guy would say, "Don't be afraid to be happy"
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