Friday, May 14, 2010

I found this fascinating quote today in MLS Rumors, I can not stop thinking that if we had an MLS team Diego would love to be in a place like Miami:

* “The MLS has some good players and a league that is growing”

Brazilian midfielder for Juventus, Diego Ribas da Cunha, opened the possibility of emigrating to the MLS in the United States as the country enjoys a league that is growing slowly.

After the “Vecchia Signora” has had a poor season in the Italian league, where they ran out of the championship, as well as not qualified for the Champions League, the midfielder showed his liking American football.

“It could be a solution for my career. I love America and they are very well in organization. The MLS has some good players and is a league that is growing,” said the Brazilian midfielder, who did not make Brazils 2010 World Cup squad.

Also the former Santos player from Brazil, said that his goal is to continue improving in his career and that the MLS is a good option to meet that goal.

‘Whenever the desire for further improvement is possible Playing in America is a possibility, “said the Brazilian player to the website Goal.

He just needs to wait to finish this season in Serie A, next weekend, as well as await offers from MLS teams to define the future of Diego Ribas, who could reach the United States as a designated player. Then there is the bad step at Juventus, where he left much to be desired, but is also the possibility to continue the “Vecchia Signora”., Major League Soccer (MLS) Rumors – For the time between the games » Blog Archive » INCOMING: Juventus Brazilian Midfielder Diego Interested in Coming to MLS, May 2010

You should read the whole article.

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